Tracy Murrell

Tracy Murrell is an Atlanta-based artist and curator. Murrell served as the curator for the Hammond House Museum from 2012 – 2017.
In her current work, Murrell is focused on the themes of identity, migration, and displacement in the human narrative. “As an artist, I am drawn to the lines of the feminine form and source images to create figures personifying grace and strength.”
Her work incorporates hand-cut patterns and specialty papers with silhouettes painted in high-key color. The paintings are reminiscent of Liechtenstein, Katz, and Hume prompting the viewer to question their own beliefs about race and gender.
Hammond House Museum and The Haitian Cultural Exchange has commissioned Tracy Murrell to explore contemporary Haitian migration. She will create new artistic works with the intention of offering a counter narrative to the immigration story and bring to light the universality of immigration.
“Murrell’s work is decidedly feminine, expertly crafted, and exquisitely beautiful, “ said gallery owner, Judith Costello.

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