Maggie Evans

Intermission is a collection of oil paintings that explore moments of pause and reflection that precede points of transition. Using chairs as representation of humans, various narratives of intimacy , relationships of solitude are created within each space. Intentionally placed windows bring a directionality to these narrative . Some windows remain empty and undefined . Displaying only vaguely optimistic blue skies . Other windows are crowded with overwhelmingly endless rows of buildings. Regardless of the view, light cascades through the windows with a calming glow , encouraging one to pause, reflect and recalibrate before continuing beyond the room.

In my work I use repetitive, uniform imagery to examine the enduring paradox between the need to assert individuality and the need to belong. Nebulous sameness is more important to my work than defining specifics.  We are aware that the endless buildings and isolated interiors house individuals. Simultaneously, we know that their enduring narratives are ones we all share.  

Evans received an MFA in Painting from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2008. Her work has been included in over fifty exhibitions both National and International juried exhibitions. She has had solo exhibitions at the SCAD Museum of Art Savannah, Georgia. Evans was awarded a Chinese Government Scholarship that granted her ten months to develop new work at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China. Maggie has been invited to exhibit and lecture at a number of Institutions including Indiana-Purdue University and the University of Texas. In 2017 she was awarded The Western Bureau Art Prize, Silicon Valley and a 2017 Art Fields, Park City, South Carolina.
Evans work was recently described as a “Subtle mediation beautifully rendered. There is a sense of calm throughout.” Maggie Evans is fascinated with human collective behavior and how it inevitably leads to hierarchical systems, social divisions and manipulative power. Her current body of work examines different aspects of collective behavior through drawings installations and painting.
Maggie Evans is truly a creative powerhouse she is a classically trained pianist, played the French horn in high school and discovered bass as teenager. Later added voice to list while pursuing her MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design where she now is an adjunct professor. Evans is well known in the Jazz community on Hilton Head and Savannah.

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