Rose Thome Casterline

My recent paintings present a heightened awareness of the mundane. These quirky images question our concepts of familiarity and requires the viewer to reconsider the roles and interactions of these figures. An underlying interest in the public verses private gesture has inspired this work. Adherence to conformity and expected standards of behavior defines the public gesture. More interesting though are the small rebellions, lack of decorum – these moments when the private self is revealed in the public forum.

The representational and narrative nature of my work is not the result of a traditional, classical working method – the model and studio. To capture what I hope is the essence and physicality of my archetypal characters, I rely on both visual and haptic cues. I attempt to recognize the funny, absurd and familiar – all this is the foundation of my imagery. I work from memory, snapshots, stiil life objects and the occassional model (usually myself).

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