Andreas Reimann

The artist Andreas Reimann specializes in the further developments of pop art in the tradition of Andy Warhol . His work includes portraits and hommages, dedicated to icons of the 20th century such as ROMY SCHNEIDER and MARLENE DIETRICH.

His technique evolved from classic painting more and more into a mixed media creation with the usage of silk screening as a major part of the process. However he is far from doing Warhol copies. Where Warhol counts on statics, Reimann works with dynamics. Warhol goes back to byzantine icon-painting, where the image is the image and nothing else. In contrast, Reimann is at home in the tradition of mannerism, he produces multi-layered works, with refined hidden details, he creates illusion.

Reimann hails from Vienna, Austria where he works and maintains a gallery. The artisit has recently opened a Studio & Gallery in Berlin, and a third in Majorca . He is represented by galleries throughout The United States and Europe.

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