Sid Smith

My intent in creating is to have poetic expression through the physicality of
painting and my sculpture. I am very much into the process of building a
painting, and lose myself in the creation of my paintings. If pressed for an
explanation of why I did a certain piece a certain way I would have to say I was
compelled to make it that way. Color is an integral part of my work and I consider
carefully my combinations and placement, finding inspiration in memories of
things I have seen, and mood. Each piece begins as blocks and marks of color
with no concrete direction other than letting my brush and knife and color find
the canvas as they evolve along the way. I may add words, numbers,
geometries and paint over them, rework them again, sand and carve through
layers to excavate them to the surface again. I try to bring my memories,
emotions and desires into a physical state on the canvas and hope that some of
this is conveyed through my craft to the viewer. Bringing to my work those
things that we carry with us and memories of what we have left behind.
Ultimately my work comes into being for my love of creating and released so that
I may keep evolving and honing my way of creating these ‘pictures’.

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